2019 Build Trip

2019 Summer School Builds #20 and #21

St. Elizabeth and St. Catherine parishes, Jamaica 

Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation would like to thank everyone who supported financially as well as directly contributed to our voluntourism school builds 20 and 21 this summer in St. Elizabeth and St. Catherine parishes in Jamaica.

 School build #20 took place from June 24-29 at Fyffes Pen Primary School where HHJF volunteers erected a new building which accommodated ten (10) new classrooms.

The second build (#21) was July 11 - 15 in Bois Content in St. Catherine Parish where our donor partner and volunteers constructed Bois Content Primary School’s Infant Department that included classrooms, washrooms and teacher’s office. 

 These projects constructed new buildings that contain additional classrooms for these locations creating a safe environment that is more conducive for learning, therefore increasing the productivity and future success of the students. In addition, classes will no longer be chaotic due to inadequate space. Enrollment and attendance will improve with new infrastructure, special to thank you to our local implementing partner’s in Jamaica, FFTPC and FFTPJA.

 Click here to view photos from the 2019 voluntourism summer trips.

And check out this clip from our 2018 trip to see what HHJF Voluntourism trips entail.

Next up… join us in for the island vibes at this year ‘Jamrock’ Gala, October 18th at Palais Royale in Toronto where we are raising funds for additional schools.

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