Kisko Products


In 2013, Kisko Products partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation and FFTP to build Georges Valley Basic School in Manchester, Jamaica. Situated in an extremely impoverished area the school was built in order to offer underprivileged children a place to learn and obtain a fundamental education. Knowing the daily tedious challenges that the children and their families face, establishing a literary base with skills to read and write was an essential part of Kisko's plan towards enabling them with valuable life skills. They followed that build with Kisko staff and family at Kinloss Infant School in Clarks Town, Trelawny in 2015 and Lower Buxton Infant School in Orange Hill, St. Ann in 2017.

Mark Josephs, the President of Kisko Products is actively involved with the development of Helping Hands Jamaica Foundation he and the Josephs family continue to support disadvantaged children through additional charity organizations and church based programs both here in Canada as well as in their homeland, Jamaica.