The Tryall Fund

The Tryall Fund has supplied educational workshops, ongoing teacher training, healthy nutrition seminars, and school meal programs. They have also implemented a ‘Play & Stay Tennis’ program for 50+ and 4-5 year olds.

In the 1960’s, The Tryall Club founded the Tryall Fund so as to help with the welfare and education of the people of Hanover. In 2006 it helped to build and equip a major computer facility for children and since 2008, it has been running Success By Six, a model for the education of pre-schoolers.

Success By Six was started so as to improve the literacy rate of children between the ages of three and five and to give them a head start before they begin primary school at the age of six. The projects efforts were initially focused on the Sandy Bay Community Basic School where nineteen out of twenty five year old children failed to meet the standards required to start primary education and have now spread to four more schools in Hanover. Within a year of starting Success By Six, 99 per cent of children have met the standards.